Definition & Pre-construction

During the devepment stages of your project we can accompany you in the optimisation of technical aspects.

For who ?

  • Developers
  • Advisors
  • Owners

Our missions

Basic design PV & wind – sizing, infrastructures, roads & hardstandings

  • Advice on selection of technology according to context, constraints, economic factors and legislative framework
  • Basic design (2D/3D) of infrastructures (roads, hardstandings, PV structures)
  • Plans/drawings for permitting, land lease agreement, consultations


  • 3D analysis of topography and/or project context, combining experience of specific challenges in renewable energy and BIM survey and post-treatment techniques
  • A solution for specific renewable energy applications (vehicule simulation, rooftop analysis, urbain or territorial contexts, obstacles, slopes, flood risk zones…)
  • A range of services available with either own equipment/software or in partnership with other service providers (surveys, drones)

Projet coordination, scheduling, budgeting

  • Assistance in management of pre-construction phases, scheduling and budgeting
  • Coordination of technical studies
  • Advice in adopting collaboratif digital design techniques (BIM)

Our areas of activity


New and repowered grid connected wind power plants, in development, financing or preconstruction phase


New grid connected solar power plants, in development, financing or preconstruction phase


Urban integrated renewable projects